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Algebra A Class

Welcome to Algebra A. The main goal of Algebra is to develop fluency in working with linear

Students will extend their experiences with tables, graphs, and equations and solve linear
equations and inequalities and systems of linear equations and inequalities. Students will
extend their knowledge of the number system to include irrational numbers. Students
will generate equivalent expressions and use formulas. Students will use technology and
models to investigate and explore mathematical ideas and relationships and develop
multiple strategies for analyzing complex situations. Students will analyze situations
verbally, numerically, graphically, and symbolically. Students will apply mathematical
skills and make meaningful connections to life’s experiences.

If you are a curious and well-prepared student, or if you are just willing to give it a try, ( but I
mean really give it a try!!), strap on your safety belt. This is going to be quite a ride!


Required: Pencil (work done with a pen, marker, etc. is only worth 50%), Binder (3-ring or
3-prong), Notebook Paper, Textbook (provided), Book Cover (Obtain your own, or use one I will
provide, but the book must be covered!)
Optional: Calculator … not really encouraged, in most cases, not allowed.
Ruler, Graph Paper (Engineering paper is fantastic! There are also internet sites which allow you
to print graph paper.)


Because Centennial is a high stakes school, students who score below 70% for the term will not
have completed the requirements for advancement. Students must pass all terms of 7^th and 8^th
grade math in order to be accepted at Timpview HS.

Grading Scale:

93% A 77% C+
90% A- 73% C
87% B+ 70% C-
83% B 50%-69% I
80% B- 0-49% See administration.

The grades will be determined from the following categories:

Class Participation 20%
Notebook 10%
Assignments 20%
Quizzes 15%
Indicators 25%
Projects 10%

Some German will be used in the classroom to assist the learning of the students. It will not be
used in the grading other than as participation.

Class participation points may be missed for such things as (without being limited to) disruption,
absence/tardiness, and lack of participation.

A notebook needs to be kept. Notebooks will be checked every week. Points will be determined
by neatness, completeness, and content.

All assignments, regardless of length, will be worth the same 5 points. A few assignments will
be in-class assignments, but most will require some work at home to be completed. Assignments
are due the day after they are given. Late assignments receive no credit. Extenuating
circumstances may be considered.

Quizzes are given daily during the first two (2) minutes of class. Quizzes may not be made up,
except for excused absences . . . a legitimate note is required.

Indicators will be given, as appropriate, at the culmination of a unit. There will be no “retakes”
or “test corrections”.

Projects are where the students really get to show off. A list of choices will be provided from
which the students will choose to do different projects. They may be individual or group,
depending on the project. Some students will need to do more projects than others because the
point values will be different depending upon the effort required and complexity of the project.
Write-ups are required as part of the projects. The write-up should show thoughtful insight to
the project process and purpose. An outstanding project and write-up may be worth more than
100 points. The extra points may apply to the current term (max 25) or carry over to the next
term’s project (max 100), but not both.