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software step by step solutions to finite math
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Registered: 10.05.2004
From: USA

Posted: Wednesday 27th of Dec 14:32    

Hi , I am having a very tough time with my math prep on Algebra 2. I thought this would be easy and hence didn’t bother to have a look at it till now. When I sat down to do the problems today, I found it to be rather unsolvable . Can any one assist me by giving details on the available tools that can assist me with brushing up my fundamentals on topic-kwds, topic-kwds and .
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Jahm Xjardx


Registered: 07.08.2005
From: Odense, Denmark, EU

Posted: Wednesday 27th of Dec 16:00    

Hi dear, software step by step solutions to finite math can be really difficult if your basics are not clear. I know this software, Algebrator which has helped many novice build their concepts. I have used this software a couple of times when I was in high school and I recommend it to every novice .
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Registered: 06.07.2001
From: I dunno, I've lost it.

Posted: Thursday 28th of Dec 11:11    

Algebrator is the perfect algebra tool to help you with assignments . It covers everything you need to be familiar with in trinomials in an easy and comprehensive manner . algebra had never been easy for me to grasp but this software made it very easy to understand . The logical and step-by–step approach to problem solving is really a boon and soon you will find that you love solving problems.
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Registered: 19.08.2003

Posted: Thursday 28th of Dec 18:23    

Is it really that helpful? I’m worried because it might not really help because it only answers the problem per ?e. I like to learn how a problem is solved and not only find out the answer. Nevertheless, could you give me a link for this product ?
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Registered: 15.05.2002

Posted: Saturday 30th of Dec 17:15    

Yeah you will have to buy it . You can get an idea about Algebrator here They give you an no questions asked money-back guarantee. I haven’t yet had any reason to take them up on it though. All the best!
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Registered: 13.10.2001
From: kµlt øƒ Ø™

Posted: Monday 01st of Jan 11:30    

A great piece of math software is Algebrator. Even I faced similar problems while solving hypotenuse-leg similarity, fractional exponents and simplifying fractions. Just by typing in the problem from homework and clicking on Solve – and step by step solution to my algebra homework would be ready. I have used it through several math classes - Algebra 2, Basic Math and Remedial Algebra. I highly recommend the program.
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