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The most hated equations in Algebra for me is Radical ones, I couldn't solve any radical equation till I bought your software. Now, learned how to solve them and how to check if my answers are valid.
Layla Richards, TX

After spending countless hours trying to understand my homework night after night, I found Algebrator. Most other programs just give you the answer, which did not help me when it come to test time, Algebrator helped me through each problem step by step. Thank you!
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This is the program I have been waiting for... it really is speeding up my algebra assignment completions.
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Algebrator is a wonderful tool for algebra teacher who wants to easily create math lessons. Students will love its step-by-step solution of their algebra homework. Explanations given by the math tutor are excellent.
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I cannot afford to pay separate tutoring hours for my twins, because there are so many different aspects of Algebra that they don't understand, but all has been taken care of; Algebrator does the job better than any tutors I had hired. Now I can dare to hope that my boys will get into a college.
Mario Certa, CA

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