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I have two children that are average students. They do fine in most subjects but math has always stumped them. They found your algebra software to be like an in-home tutor. Im happy to say their marks are finally going up.
Tim Blumberg, CA

Wow! I wish I would have had the Algebrator when I first started learning algebra. I purchased it for my college algebra class, and I love it. Thank you, Thank you!!
Alden Lewis, WI

Being able to see how to solve a problem step by step, double checking my work and getting the answer right make Algebrator the best software that I've bought all year.
C.P., Massachusetts

As a private tutor, I have found this program to be invaluable in helping students understand all levels of algebra equations and fractions.
Simon Charles, CA

Learning algebra on a computer may not seem like the appropriate way, but this software is so easy even a sixth-grader can learn algebra.
Christopher Montomery, OH

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