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Its nice to know that educational software thats actually fun for the kids even exists. It sure does beat a lot of that junk they try to sell you these days.
Christy Roberts, TN

I was really struggling with the older version... so much I pretty much just gave up on it. This newer version looks better and seems easier to navigate through. I think it will be great! Thank you!
B.C., Malta-EU

The complete explanations, a practical approach, low price and good assignments make it my best professional tutor.
Gus Taylor, AZ

After downloading the new program this looks a lot easier to use, understand. Thank you so much.
Warren Mills, CA

I can't say enough wonderful things about the software. It has helped my son and I do well in our beginning algebra class. Currently, he and I are taking the same algebra class at our local community college. Not only does the software help us solve equations but it has also helped us work together as a team. Thank you!
Rolando Contreras, AZ

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