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Be it any equation, within seconds not only you have the answers but also the steps to refer to. This is awesome.
Christian Terry, ID.

I am a student at Texas State University. I bought your product Algebrator and I can honestly say it is the reason I am passing my math class!
Alex Martin, NH

This algebra software provides my daughter with the ability to learn independently, offering facts and helpful hints before providing problems for her to solve. It's working out very well . . . I think the software lends itself nicely to helping students throughout the year by supplementing any materials they get in a regular classroom.
Dan Trenton, OK

OK here is what I like: much friendlier interface, coverage of functions, trig. better graphing, wizards. However, still no word problems, pre-calc, calc. (Please tell me that you are working on it - who is going to do my homework when I am past College Algebra?!?
Angela Baxtor, TX

As a single mom attending college, I found that I did not have much time for my daughter when I was struggling over my Algebra homework. I tried algebra help books, which only made me more confused. I considered a tutor, but they were just simply to expensive. The Algebrator software was far less expensive, and walked me through each problem step by step. Thank you for creating a great product.
Christy Roberts, TN

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