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My son came to me that day, and he asked to buy him a program called "Algebrator", he told me that all of his friends in the school use it, I thought that it's like the other programs, expensive and useless tool, but it turned out to be quite a surprise. Thank you very much!
Kara Lyssa, WI

As a teacher, much of my time was taken up by creating effective lesson plans. Algebrator allows me to create each lesson in about half the time. My kids love it because I can spend more time with them! Once they are old enough, I hope they will find this program useful as well.
Lucy, GA

After downloading the new program this looks a lot easier to use, understand. Thank you so much.
Romero Reynolds, AK.

If it wasnt for Algebrator, I never would have been confident enough in myself to take the SATs, let alone perform so well in the mathematical section (especially in algebra). I have the chance to go to college, something no one in my family has ever done. After the support and love of both my mother and father, I think wed all agree that I owe the rest of my success as a student to your software. It really is remarkable!
Christian Terry, ID.

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